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modifikasi honda cbr 250r samarinda

modifikasi honda cbr 250r samarinda

Can not deny anymore that the honda CBR 250R indeed make all the bikers around the universe is crazy. how not to form a sexy honda cbr 250r our eyes are always pampered. we seem to be satisfied to see honda cbr 250r like seeing a woman that excites. Honda CBR 250R biker makes people want to know something new. As per the tagline of the motor output of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) was, To Know The Unknown. same as Rian Ward, CBR 250R owners who live in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.
It's reckless not change until a new body or cutting off the chassis. "Framework of CBR is very nice to be modified. As the swing arm is wearing a moge Suzuki GSX 750. That, too, just need a little Papas, "said Donny Ariyanto from Studio Motor (SM), which is another modifier of this bike.

Rian efforts made by sending the bike to Jakarta was not in vain. Yet exactly what was arguably a matter of frames the CBR Donny. To swing arm moge GSX classmates, practical means not experiencing the problem in the installation.

Though still relying on the original sokbreker innate motor. Papas quite a bit, each about 0.5 mm on either side of the undercarriage. Arm gambot waste is not subject to the slightest touch.

With the application of the swing arm is very easy, no need to bother looking for a rim that feels right. "At the same rim wear GSX 750's as well. Because no longer need to customized the arm, "said Donny's workshop located in Jl. RC Veteran Raya, (front Hospital Dr. Suyoto), Bintaro, South Jakarta.

Finished in the hind legs, moving up to the body. If the original form of CBR pointy tail and dynamic. But slightly modified to use an aftermarket product, the model must have been adjusted.

That is minimal display original fender, full of right-left-turn signal. 'Rear lights and left-right sein better changed slightly, so it looks more simple, "explained Donny, it's a friendly guy.

Indeed if a cursory look at this section, will be crossed dipikiran, whether AHM launched a CBR with a larger engine capacity?

To complete the look of a true sport on the back, the front sector should also be treated to a large motor component. Donny had entrusted the quasi upside down GSX 750.


Front tire: 120/60-17 Pirelli

Rear tire: 140/70-17 Battlax

Exhaust: Suzuki GSX 400

Rear rim: Baros 4.5 x17

Studio Motor: 021-92653870


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