Friday, May 6, 2011

Chevrolet Spark Matik Launching Juli in Indonesia

PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (GMAI) must postpone the launch of a new variant of Spark automatic, at least of post-Lebaran. Delays due to disruption of supply of transmission from Japan due to natural disasters in March 2011.

"At first, we hope to launch a new variant on the mat Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), late July 2011. But, chances after that,"said Harry Yanto, Product Planning & Business Development Manager GMAI, on the sidelines Media Gathering at Plaza Chevrolet Bapindo , South Jakarta, Thursday (04.28.2011) this.

Initially, this variant GMAI plans to release first quarter 2011. In addition to AT Spark, Chevrolet Spark also have plans to add 1.000cc version 1200 to complement the existing options in the market.

Harry went on, Spark is now cost Rp 142 million on the road in Jakarta. Spark 1.000cc certainly will be positioned underneath. "The price is uncertain because it is closely related to the import duty from South Korea who pegged 40 percent," added Harry.

Until the first quarter of this year, Chevrolet Spark Matik has sold 240 units and the 2011 target set at 1,000 units.


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