Monday, October 10, 2011

modifikasi satria trail

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Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail ConceptModification Satria F-150 Trail

The modification satria FU, what has been done in the Satria F-150 is actually quite pretty extreme. Please pelototin original form rooster who is now retiring. There is even a process of cutting and making frames. But, for the modifier is considered a minimalist masterpiece.

"Deliberately throwing rooster impression and turned into a trail to get out into the forest," said Thinq from Thinq Cycles (TC), which modify the duck Hyperunderbone ini. Eits, builder who originally played the Harley-Davidson (HD) This seems to be penetrated. From skubek, uh now also be ngemodif trail. Steady, Bli!

Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept
Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept


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